Safety, Nutrition and Health in Early Education by Cathie Robertson

Safety, Nutrition and Health in Early Education

Book Title: Safety, Nutrition and Health in Early Education

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 1428352937

Author: Cathie Robertson

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Cathie Robertson with Safety, Nutrition and Health in Early Education

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SAFETY, NUTRITION, AND HEALTH IN EARLY EDUCATION, Fourth Edition, prepares students for a career in early childhood education through a combination of basic information and theory, practical applications, resources, and coverage of cultural competence. Emphasizing the realities of working with children, the book covers the four major subject areas--safety, nutrition, health, and special topics--and includes vignettes, checklists, and case studies. This thoroughly updated fourth edition includes new Early Childhood Rating Scales (ECER-S), expanded information on younger elementary school age children, and simplified coverage of CPR and is designed throughout to help students build their understanding of cultural competence in working with children and families from diverse backgrounds. Coverage of special-interest topics such as bullying, disaster planning for human-generated disasters, how America eats, the impact of war and terrorism on children, autism, fetal alcohol syndrome, and being at risk for preventable diseases helps students see the real-world application of what they are learning.