Ready. Set. Next: The Journey After High School by Chuck Bomar

Ready.  Set.  Next: The Journey After High School

Book Title: Ready. Set. Next: The Journey After High School

Publisher: Simply Youth Ministry

ISBN: 147071356X

Author: Chuck Bomar

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Chuck Bomar with Ready. Set. Next: The Journey After High School

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As high school draws to a close, teenagers face many questions they’re afraid to ask, insecurities they may be
unwilling to examine, and freedoms they’re unsure how to handle. How can we as parents and leaders help our
young people prepare for this important transition?

Ready. Set. Next. will help juniors and seniors gear up for life after high school—critical years that, if not navigated
well, can be detrimental to a person’s faith and relationships. This engaging, easily consumable book explores the
fears and excitement of approaching this transition and offers a framework for a student to come back to as he or
she enters these years.

Having served as a college pastor for many years, author Chuck Bomar understands the challenges and
opportunities of this unique season of life. He’ll lead students on a journey through such topics as identifying
top priorities after graduation, understandingthe changes in their friendships and family relationships,handling
finances wisely, and pursuing God’s plans and purposes.

Each chapter walks through topics and questions that will give young people confidence, along with practical tips
and ideas for practically embracing these concepts.

Parents and youth workers will find Ready. Set. Next. an ideal book to give as a graduation gift, and they’ll even
find a spot in the book where they can write some personal words of congratulations and encouragement.