Mindset Matters (Without Limits) by Bryan Smith

Mindset Matters (Without Limits)

Book Title: Mindset Matters (Without Limits)

Publisher: Boys Town Press

ISBN: 194488212X

Author: Bryan Smith

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Bryan Smith with Mindset Matters (Without Limits)

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An entertaining and eye-opening look at the power of the "gonna get it done"mindset. Amelia is her name and conquering new challenges is her game! She's an up-for-any-adventure second-grader who's eager to try new things, provided nothing can go wrong. She takes up skateboarding with gusto and feverishly builds a swing set for her kid brother. But at the first sign of trouble- tumbling off her skateboard and whacking her thumb with a hammer-she's done. Her confidence shattered, Amelia frets she's a failure. But after a little self-reflection and some loving advice from dear-old Dad, Amelia learns she needs a "gonna get it done" mindset. With her new outlook, she discovers success has many definitions... more than she ever imagined.